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The “sheep” are great! They really go the extra mile for their clients, even building a new server over a holiday weekend so we didn’t have to miss a beat! Highly recommend! P.N. - Redmond, WA
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Blacksheep Technology - Your Computer Specialists

Blacksheep Technology takes care of computers for small to medium sized offices, everything from hardware installation and networking to troubleshooting and maintenance. Let’s face it, computers are a pain in the neck sometimes, and know-it-all geeks who toss around acronyms and technical terms and look down on you are no fun to deal with. What you want are nice folks who can speak your language and enjoy helping you understand your computer. We are a company that is small enough to understand your small business needs and just big enough to fulfill them, at reasonable prices, of course. So friend, Google search no more - you found us here at Blacksheep Technology. Smile!

Your Very Own IT StaffBlacksheep Technology

When you work with Blacksheep, we become your IT staff or team, like the big boys have, but without the big boy corporate prices! And better yet, we are technology neutral. We represent you and not the computer hardware manufacturers and software developers. Since we are not in the back pocket of these companies, you get the technology you need instead of the product they are currently pushing through their sales channels. This all adds up to savings for our customers!

The Blacksheep Attitude

Contrary to what you are being told, what we do isn't rocket science. Our peers hate it when we say that - the name Blacksheep fits, doesn't it? Chips, bits and bytes don't have to be confusing. Instead of trying to impress you with the latest techno-babble, we'll pull back the Wizard's curtain and demystify computing for you. Our competitor's hate it when we do that. Our customers love it.

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